Gas Bottle Storage Box.

A colour sample of Mushroom Plastisol Material
Cream (Mushroom)
A colour sample of Vandyke Brown Plastisol Material
Vandyke Brown
A colour sample of Olive Green Plastisol Material
Olive Green
Goosewing Grey Steel Material
Goosewing Grey

Our Gas Bottle Storage Box is made with safety in mind, we designed it alongside our local fire service.  They have a flat floor so you don’t have any obstacles in your way when swapping bottles over.  There are cut outs at the bottom of the back panel and also the base of the door, this allows for any gas spillage to escape.  Gas is heavier than air so it will always drop to the floor.

We have designed our box with ease of use in mind.  The cut out in the top of the back panel is to allow your gas gauge and pipes to enter the box without any need to drill or cut holes.  The opening is 500mm x 500mm so this is ample room to pass the pipes and gauges through without a problem.

When the box is closed it fit seamlessly within its surroundings no ugley orange bottles on view.

Storage Box Base Dimensions

2ft 9” (840 mm) x 1ft 9 3/4” (560 mm)

Storage Box Base

All our storage units need a sound, flat level surface to be sited on ie: concrete, tarmac, block paving or flagstones.  We suggest the base material should be a minimum thickness of  2” (50 mm).  None of the sites we supply to will allow you to site a box directly onto grass only.  If this is the case please get permission from your site manager