Bespoke Storage Box.

Below are some Before and After pictures of a Bespoke Storage Box we made for Bradford Council.  It was to cover an opening in the ground that covered a storage tank for Bio Fuel.  This was for powering the college Generator.  A concrete plinth was built first to bring the ground back to flat.  We made the box so a tipper wagon could back up to the box and empty the load into the tank bellow.  Once closed up the box kept the contents dry and safe.

We were asked to make a BBQ Box that would blend in and look like a standard box.  That sounds fine but he didn’t want to take it out of the box when using it.  So we came up with this solution.

This Bespoke Storage Box is 6ft x 6ft x 6ft and the customer wanted shelves down the side and across the back.

We made these boxes for the back of 9 x golf buggies.  They were used by the cleaners who were looking after the athletes at the commonwealth games in Glasgow.  The shelf divided the clean and dirty laundry.

Please call for a price as the price depends on what size you would like.

A colour sample of Mushroom Plastisol Material
Cream (Mushroom)
A colour sample of Vandyke Brown Plastisol Material
Vandyke Brown
A colour sample of Olive Green Plastisol Material
Olive Green
Goosewing Grey Steel Material
Goosewing Grey

We can now mix and match any of our 6 standard colours.

Please give us a call for a quote. 

This is a Cream Body with a Vandyke Brown Roof.

 This is a Cream Body with a Olive Green Roof.

This is a Goosewing Grey Body with a Anthracite Roof.

Storage Box Base construction.

All our storage units need a sound, flat level surface to be sited on ie: concrete, tarmac, block paving or flagstones.  We suggest the base material should be a minimum thickness of  2” (50 mm).  None of the sites we supply to will allow you to site a box directly onto grass only.  If this is the case please get permission from your site manager